The BECS research group has a strong commitment to community outreach as a way to:

        (1) Excite and encourage the next generation to explore science. This benefits them in building everyday critical thinking skills and opens Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) disciplines as potential career options.
        (2) Increase the representation of females in the STEM disciplines through encouragement, positive role models, and mentoring.
        (3) Communicate our scientific research results to the broader community.

Below are lesson plans designed and used by members of the BECS group and affiliated organizations (links) to teach science at primary and secondary levels. These lessons use hands-on, problem-based techniques to make science lessons fun and teach core curriculum.

Please feel free to use/modify the plans below and contact us with any questions. BECS members can provide guidance in using the modules below or help with planning hands-on science lessons to fit existing curriculum.

nuffieldBECS also hosts Nuffield Research Placement students and we would be happy to discuss potential High School student summer projects and work experience. Just contact us for more.

The Pot-in-Pot lesson plan is an example of a lesson that we have adopted and modified for use in the classroom. By building a simple evaporative refrigerator, students will understand why evaporation causes cooling and distinguish among heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation.

Download the files: